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14 feb 2022 —

Antalis is more than ever committed to making a positive impact on its industry, to changing the way we approach Point Of Sale marketing for the better. We know that our influence is only more significant if we team up with organisations that share the same values and vision. That’s why we’ve joined the Circul’R coalition.

Making our future circular is a collective journey. And we are definitely on board. 

What is Circul’R all about?

Circul’R is a game-changing startup that strives to build the first global network of circular economy companies. Its goal? To accelerate the transition from a linear (take-make-dispose) to a circular economy model more respectful of the people and the planet.  

With our “positive conspirators” (Circul’R now represents more than 1,000 solutions worldwide), we participate in ground-breaking white papers that have a genuine influence on our ecosystem. In 2021, the focus was on the burning challenge of making POS advertising circular. This in-depth analysis enabled the identification of 7 key opportunities mapped across the value chain of POS marketing materials from logistics to legislation.  

Also, it managed to define 4 circular principles that guide the overall POS marketing materials system to make it circular.


1. Challenge the demand

Reconsidering the initial brief, focusing on long term solutions vs short term, concentrating on a specific audience, etc.


2. Design out of waste and pollution

Considering waste and pollution as design flaws rather than inevitable by-products.


3. Keep POS marketing materials in use

Designing products to be reused, repaired or remanufactured.


4. Reinvent supply chains to in ecosystems

Optimising material flows and reinventing value chains.


Last November (2021), another influential document was released : “Reinventing POS marketing” as part of the Circul’R Factory. It focuses on various aspects of the industry, including reflections on making POS-as-a-service, enhancing POS collection in urban areas, and deploying tools to monitor their environmental impact along their life cycle. The Circul’R Factory aims to bring together companies from various sectors to deploy concrete circular projects to tackle specific problematics.

In other words, with Circul’R and the coalition, Antalis is on all fronts, combining prospective and analytical studies with a truly hands-on approach with deployable solutions in mind. Awesome!

We are only at the very beginning of this exciting project. If you want to know more or contribute, don’t hesitate. Contact us today.